Hospitality Management

We will work with your existing team or will help you create a new one. We have extensive resources to help your operations improve and we understand the responsibilities and interactions of each member of your staff and the skills and level of performance they each must bring to the table to make your business more profitable. We understand how the P & L statement translates into operational reality. You don’t have to be sick to get better.

Restaurant Business Coach

Some people have a therapist.

If you are not clear on your vision, then every single opportunity will distract you and impede your progress.


Concept Planning & Implementation


Profit & Loss


Human Resources


Mangement & Staff Training

Concept Planning & Implementation

project-launchWith our collective contacts, and talented partners, we have created a number of successful concepts. Let us help you organize your dream into reality. From concept creation to grand opening, we will keep you focused every step of the way.

SEO-strategyThe opening business plan will serve as your blueprint for operation, from concept design through your first year of business. It has to work on paper first. Let us help you create realistic budget expectations and understand market trends. Once completed, the business plan is your blueprint for moving forward.

competitive-analysisMore than just a site location study, this involves the gathering and analysis of a great deal of information necessary to make an informed decision about the potential success of a specific development concept in a certain location

  • Business Plans 100%
  • Budgets 95%
  • Pro Formas 100%

Management Training

cost controlsDo your team members have a comprehensive understanding of the P&L statement and how to impact each line item? Or are they nice people experienced as servers, bartenders and cooks? Let us help your team gain a real understanding of the nuts and bolts of the P&L and how their daily actions make a real impact.

Operational ReviewLet us help you design a comprehensive operations review manual that will help you objectively review everything that happens in your establishment.

Shift ResponsabilitiesProactive VS. Reactive! Let us help organize and create specific shift responsibilities for your managers. Make things happen instead of letting things happen.

  • Cost Controls 100%
  • Action Plan Development 95%
  • Shift Meetings that WORK 100%

Train. Train. Train. Then train some more!

New Store OpeningUtilize our experience to create a New Store Opening Training Program that provides high impact, effective training to all employees. The training begins with the selection, training and certification of your organization’s trainers. We will customize the program to fit in your organization’s time frame covering all training classrooms, hands-on training, role-playing and numerous other learning games that will stimulate and educate your staff. Mock Service (practice-runs) will be organized and implemented before the grand opening. Daily on-site support throughout the opening period is also an option.

train and testYour training and testing materials are a reflection of your business. They are the standards by which you expect your team members to perform. Do your current materials represent your vision in a clear, consistent and professional manner? We can either create new materials or revamp your current materials, helping you provide the tools that will ensure learning in a “fun” hands-on environment. They include: Hourly Manuals for all positions (workbooks, online tests, or hard-copies) Custom Menu Specification books including prep, cooking procedures, ingredients, plate presentation, picture specs, etc.

train trainerCustomized management training: Does your current management training practice a “Ready, Fire, Aim!” approach instead of a “Ready, Aim, Fire!” approach? Let us help your organization design a first class management training program that represents your business in a clear and consistent manner. Our programs begin when the candidate accepts the offer. We will customize pre-start date material for reading, management new hire packets (covering your company legally), training schedules, and if applicable, negotiated out-of-town training expenses. We will help you design a week-by-week training schedule with manuals and various materials ensuring your new hire is prepared for success.

  • Online Testing and Training 95%
  • Shift Meetings 100%
  • Refresh & Refocus Seminars 90%

Human Resources

Operational ReviewDo you need help attracting the best candidates for your establishment? We have years of successful experience matching qualified applicants with the right concept. Let us handle your candidate search. We understand that people are your most dynamic resource. We will “sell” your business to top contenders and qualify prospective candidates with additional testing your company may require. This includes reference checking, employee background checks, drug testing and other company specific qualifying assessments.

HiringMaintaining a staff that represents your business in a first class manner is hard work! It begins with how you bring people into your environment. Let us help your business organize the hiring process for you. We will help you establish consistent interviewing techniques, organized reference checks and ensure that your business is in compliance with Federal and State laws regarding discrimination and negligent hiring practices. Most importantly, proper recruiting practices will ensure your business finds high performers who will excel in your organization and reduce turnover. We guarantee we can reduce your turnover.

  • Employee Relations 85%
  • Termination Procedures 95%
  • Compensation & Bonus Consulting 95%

Profit & Loss

budget goal“The drudgery of the numbers will set you free”. Understanding budgeting will improve the profitability of your business. Let us help you with comprehensive and realistic budgeting that will serve as your benchmark for comparison. We live in rows and columns.

cost controlsWe have proven methods for controlling costs in the back-of-the-house and the front-of-the house. Let us teach you these simple “Ah-ha’s” that will simplify the keys to controlling your costs.


labor“Do I add staff to grow sales?” “Or do I cut labor to save money?” This is one of the most challenging issues we face. Let us help you create a schedule that will be an effective tool providing quality service in a cost effective manner.


productivityIs your back of the house as efficient as it should be? Let us show you how to measure productivity and give your business consistent and realistic labor targets.


  • Budgets 100%
  • Labor Tracking and Goals 90%
  • Variable Cost Controls 95%

Fresh Work

John Hall is a well-seasoned restaurant and retail professional with a keen understanding of how to make a business profitable.

Collier Merrill

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John’s skill set is vast and deep. He is an asset to any organization on any level.

Bruce Craul

2014 Chairman of the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association

John will provide financial oversight and cost controls one day, then the next day design an ad for a local magazine. There is not much he can’t do.

Patrick Berry

GM, Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

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